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Audi R8 Test Mule Proves Combustable

Posted in Audi, Fast Cars by will bee | September 3rd, 2007 | 1 Response |

The above Audi R8 is a test drive mule that is supposedly from pre-production. Back during the testing phases of the R8 Audi reported some combustibility tendencies in the engine bay behind the seats, but those concerns have (according to Audi) been addressed in the production version. In the forum post where this report was found it mentioned that some fuel during fill-up may have spilled down in the engine bay on or near the exhaust. Ofcourse the actual cause can still be any number of things.

The forum post that is the source for this story recommends that Audi R8 owners not use any flammable cleaners or solvents on their engine. He also recommends allow the gas tank to vent a seconds before commencing to fill the tank. Apparently there is a belief that the rising fumes could block the flow of gas and cause the fuel to over-spill. Now I would not attest to any of these things being likely to have caused the above captured fire, but if I were an R8 owner there is a good chance I would take the precautions described.

For some additional photos of the charred Audi R8 you can follow the link below to the forum. There you can also read through the worried or doubtful posts of other R8 owners. Hopefully there will be no further test mule instances nor any production model R8’s being claimed in the name of pyrotechnics. Such a shame to see such artistry so dismembered and mangled… although thankfully no injuries were reported.

Source[R8talkvia AutoBlog]

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  1. Dee says:

    Holy pajamas!! Hopefully no more mules indeed….