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Audi R8 MTM Offers New Twist On “Green” Performance


Already an incredibly sick ride fresh from the factory, the Audi R8 is now an even more fearsome machine thanks to the experts at German tuning firm Motoren Technik Mayer (MTM). Finished in the very same “Porsche 2D8″ green as the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, MTM outfitted the Audi R8 with an extensive race-ready aerodynamic body package, including a new front splitter, side skirts, and rear diffuser – all of which is constructed out of ultra lightweight carbon fiber. Beneath the hood, MTM’s engine mods boost both the R8’s 4.2L V8 and the 5.2L V10 to 560-horsepower (418kW) and 427 lb-ft (580Nm) of torque, increased airflow for which is provided by new MTM-engineered sideblades.

Adding to its exclusivity, the Audi R8 MTM bears distinctive badging throughout and bears a green-tinted “Quattro” logo on the glove compartment and a green “R8″ logo on the gearshift, fuel cap, and brake calipers. Not to be left out, the R8’s unique MTM Bitomo 20″ wheels also proudly wear the tuning firm’s mark with “MTM forged” engraved on the spokes.

To prevent any damage to their masterpiece, MTM also outfitted the R8 with their Lift-Up System which is capable of raising the car a full 40mm off the ground to protect against damage from road bumps or steep grades.

Source: 4WheelsNews

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