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Audi R8 Convertible due in 2011

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Audi has greenlighted the convertible version of the sinister R8, several sites have reported. In news that is surely going to make Johnny Lieberman quake with joy, it will be headed stateside sometime around 2011. Details are less than sketchy – no report about which of the mighty R8 engines will find their way into the car, nor do we know if it will sport a soft top or some other roof arrangement. Of course, as soon as more details become available, we’ll pass it along.

Until then, you can squint at these spy shots from Motor Authority.

[Source: Audi of America]

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One Response

  1. kholil says:

    Can u make the car the same colour instead of the two back panels being diffrent colours.I think the car would definetly look smarter in one colour and it would boost sales by about 23% and u could give my brother one of them for having such a lovely baby girl and of course god is the greatest.