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Audi Makes Me Wish I Was 4’6″

Posted in Audi, EcoLust, European Rides, History by Dustin Driver | January 28th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Kid’s these days, I tell ya. This is the Auto Union E-Tron Concept racer by Audi. It was made for kids. Really rich kids.

The Auto Union Type C was a triumph of Teutonic technology, an aluminum bullet powered by a mid-mounted, 520-horsepower supercharged, 32-valve V-16. The thing had so much torque that drivers could easily induce wheel spin at 150 miles per hour with a slight blip of the throttle. Top speed? 211. And remember, this was 1936.

The Type C dominated Gran Prix races until all hell broke lose during WWII. By the end of the war, much was changed and the original Auto Union faded away. Images of the mighty Type C, however, endure.

In fact, if you’re a little rich kid, you can buy a pedal car reproduction of the Type C from Audi for just $15,900. But it gets better. Audi have made this, an electric version of the pedal car that can hit 20 miles per hour. Makes me wish I was 8 years old.

Just look at this thing. Carbon fiber body, leather seating surfaces, milled aluminum bits everywhere. It’s a damn work of art.

Unfortunately, the E-Tron Concept Racer is just that, a concept. No plans for production. But that’s okay, because perhaps a wealthy industrialist will produce a full-size version a la the New Stratos. One can hope, anyway.

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