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Audi launch their own TV channel

Posted in Audi by davidallen | May 16th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

If you cannot get enough of Audi, then the Audi TV channel will be right up your street, it is available in both German and English, which is handy.

The overall design is very similar to what you get on a magazine; it has all the usual features, such as the technology of Audi, sport, lifestyle and the culture of Audi the cars and the people who love to drive them.

audi tv

This is not a new direction for Audi because they have in the past dabbled in the digital TV arena with show that was shown in the UK, The Audi Channel, this went out in 2005 and reached around 7.5 million households, so they have gained some valuable experience through those times, which has given a base to build on.

The channels are live from immediate effect and from the first look it appears to be a very interesting, the dark colors give the pages a sophisticated look and feel while using it, the best way to see all that is on the channel is to simply explore, by visiting the Bode Museum in Berlin, profiles of the Audi DTM racing team drivers as they prepare for the LeMans 24 Hours and maybe just watch the Audi S4 Cabriolet in Florida.

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