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Audi goes topless with their TT Speedster and R8 Spider designs

Posted in Audi, Design by will bee | July 31st, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Audi is blazing into 2008 with a stable of new designs that truly impress. Included in that line-up is the redesign of the TT and the unveiling of the R8 super car. However, it seems that Audi is not yet prepared to rest on the laurels they have been receiving for such striking designs. In fact it seems as though they engineers and designers at Audi are so proud of their work they want to the whole world to see what is inside. So now they are taking their tops off and planning to bring to market a TT Speedster and the R8 Spider.


The TT Speedster retains all the sophistication of the new TT while unleashing the thrill of the road into your face. While what you are seeing is purely a rendering of what is to come this topless TT strikes at you without shame or embarrassment. If they can actually couple the tenacity of the Speedsters design with the TT’s performance and Audi’s usual interior sophistication then they will truly have an automotive gem on their hands here.

But if the TT Speedster is a gem then what can you make of the R8 Spider?

Audi R8 Spider sketch

While this simple cartoon-ish sketch is all we have to go on so far, it is easy to build plenty of expectation for what is already a great design. For some people a topless R8 Spider may actually be having your cake and driving it too. You can anticipate plenty of build up as the Spider plans come closer to fruition.

Audi is certainly going full-throttle in their design and engineering department and we approve. To see more sketches of the TT Speedster head over to egmCarTech.

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