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Audi Globe Trotters Gear Up For Mileage Marathon, Sweet Lou Dunbar Unavailable For Preseason Commentary

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I’m totally for conserving the environment and saving the seals and everything, just so long as I get to ride in his car

On October 6th, Audi will kick off the Mileage Marathon, a cross-country trek spanning from the East to the West coast, aimed at promoting their fuel efficient diesel model lineup. Over 187 drivers will participate [including the auto bloggers at AutoBlogGreen], and rewards will be given daily to the drivers who managed to consume the least amount of fuel. More than just clever way to advertise Audi’s enviro-friendly technology, the Mileage Marathon is rumored to also serve as a preview for Audi’s future North American line-up. Audi’s marathon fleet will be comprised of 23 TDI engine-equipped vehicles, including the Audi Q7, Q5, A4, and A3 models. Of the four TDI’s, only the Q7 and the Q5 have concrete timetables for an American debut. The Q7 is slated for U.S. release in 2009, while both hybrid and diesel versions of the Q5 are scheduled for an appearance in early 2010.

[News & Photo Source: AutoBlogGreen]

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