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Audi e-Tron Concept is All-Electric R8

Posted in Audi, Auto Show, Car Tech, Electric Cars, Electric Vehicles, Fast Cars, Foreign Cars, Frankfurt Motor Show, New Cars, Plug-In Vehicles, Sports Cars by Alex Kierstein | September 14th, 2009 | 1 Response |


Audi’s new e-Tron electrified R8 is getting a virtual reveal courtesy of a bunch of computer renderings that presumably show the concept in the virtual flesh … although there’s not much to see as it looks a lot like a facelifted R8. We’ll see how accurate these renderings are shortly when the wraps pull off the actual car in Frankfurt. In any event, the e-Tron is perhaps unsurprisingly supposed to carry an all-electric drivetrain, taking the versatile Lamborghini/Audi platform into a strange new world of petrol-free propulsion. Power and range are the big questions on our minds, and any hints of pricing or positioning of the presumed production derivative (… ie, will it compete with the Tesla?). Lots of nice high-res pics after the jump.


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One Response

  1. james says:

    wow if the price is down near the telsa I’d get it