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Audi Dominates Road America

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Audi R10
Audi R10

As a follow up to my recent article about last week’s Generac 500 race at Road America in Wisconsin; Audi and their supremely powerful turbo diesel R10’s finished with the overall first and second place finish in the LMP1 class.  It was the second consecutive time in the American LeMans Series that Audi has come in with the top two spots.

1-2 finish in Lemans Series
Audi: 1-2 finish in Lemans Series

In case you’re keeping track, the Audi R10 is powered by a 5.5 liter V12 diesel engine with two turbochargers.  This produces in excess of 650 horsepower and 1100 NM of torque. 

Audi TDI Engine
Audi TDI Engine

David Brabham and Scott Sharp finished third overall and took their third LMP2 victory of the season for their Acura-based team.  GT1 was won by Jan Magnussen and Jonny O’Connell of Corvette Racing who are also a regular fixture in the winner’s circle.

Corvette Racing at Road America
Corvette Racing at Road America

The Corvette Racing Team has won 6 of the last 7 races in their class.  The Farnbacher Loles Porsche team and their 911GT3-RSR round took home first prize in GT2.

More Results:

Pos Cl  Drivers                                   Car                                           Time
 1. P1  Luhr/Werner                            Audi R10 TDI                            102 laps
 2. P1  Pirro/Fassler                            Audi R10 TDI                            +  2.463
 3. P2  Brabham/Sharp                        Acura ARX-01B                        +  4.336
 4. P2  Dumas/Bernhard                      Porsche RS Spyder                   +  5.203
 5. P2  Franchitti/Leitzinger                 Porsche RS Spyder                  + 15.095
 6. P2  Maassen/Long                          Porsche RS Spyder                  + 15.854
 7. P1  Field/Field/Berry                       Lola B06/10 AER                       + 1 lap
 8. P2  Devlin/Bonilla                           Lola B07 46 Mazda                  + 2 laps
 9. P2  Smith/Dyson                             Porsche RS Spyder                  + 2 laps
10. GT1 Magnussen/O’Connell             Corvette C6.R                         + 5 laps
11. P2  Montagny/Rossiter                   Acura ARX-01B                       + 6 laps
12. GT2 Miller/Westbrook/Werner        Porsche 911 GT3 RSR             + 6 laps
13. GT2 Bergmeister/Henzler                Porsche 911 GT3 RSR             + 6 laps
14. GT2 Farnbacher/Muller                   Ferrari F430 GT                       + 6 laps
15. GT2 van Overbeek/Pilet                  Porsche 911 GT3 RSR             + 6 laps
16. GT2 Melo/Salo                                Ferrari F430 GT                       + 6 laps
17. GT1 Borcheller/Ducote                   Aston Martin Vantage             + 7 laps
18. P2  de Ferran/Pagenaud                  Acura ARX-01B                       + 8 laps
19. P1  Lewis/Faulkner/Fisken             Lola B06-10 AER                     + 8 laps
20. GT2 Bell/Brix                                  Ferrari F430 GT                       + 8 laps
21. GT2 Neiman/Law                            Porsche 911 GT3 RSR             + 8 laps
22. GT2 Pastorelli/Basseng/Pastorelli  Porsche 911 GT3 RSR             +11 laps
23. GT2 Figge/Tafel                             Ferrari F430 GT                      +11 laps
24. GT2 Pappas/Lazzaro                      Doran Ford GT-R                    +13 laps
25. P2  Diaz/Fernandez                       Acura ARX-01B                       +14 laps
26. GT2 Drayson/Cocker                     Aston Martin Vantage             +18 laps
27. GT2 Murry/Robertson/Robertson  Doran Ford GT-R                    +22 laps
28. GT1 Gavin/Beretta                         Corvette C6.R                          +26 laps
29. GT2 Milner/Sutherland/Hand        Panoz Esperante Ford              +52 laps
30. GT2 Feinberg/Hall                         Dodge Viper Comp Coupe      +55 laps
31. P1  Lewis/McMurry/Willman          reation CA07-002 Judd          +67 laps

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  1. Well it is a hot fast and cool looking car would they expect anything different