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Audi Considering Ur-quattro Tribute S5?

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You gotta love the rumormill for the wild ideas that flow out of it. Sometimes the wilder ones have a dose of reality to them, and even become actual real-world objects. One of the more interesting hearsay pieces out there right now concerns Audi’s desire to cash in on its impressive motorsports history by hearkening back to the ur-Quattro coupe (it’s only lowercase if you are referring to the AWD system itself – the original coupe gets capitalized as a model name) that so famously turned all-wheel drive from an engineering curiosity to a mainstream technology. That’s impressive – so was the original Quattro’s performance on the dirt and snow. So what is this “Project Anniversario,” as they’re calling it, and are they going to build a new Quattro coupe? Not exactly …

<i>The ur-Quattro S1</i>

The ur-Quattro S1

The rumor states that Audi is looking to use the S5 coupe as a platform base, and instead of going whole hog with the power upgrades to create a RS5-like car, they are focusing on weight reduction and other rally-inspired modifications. This includes new body panels, a shorter overall length and (rumor has it) a twin-turbo V6 putting out 425 HP. Weighing a whopping 530 lbs less than the standard S5, that should be more than enough motivation. Speculation is also rampant that the car will carry a lot of Quattro-style rally cues as well, which the rendering above demonstrates. We like this concept a lot – it would be very cool if Audi split their sporting cars into three groups: S, RS, and a “lightweight” series like this one. 2010 is the 30th anniversary of the appearance of the original Quattro, so look for a concept to bow around then.

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