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Audi Concept Design – Carbon Fiber Skis

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Audi Carbon Fiber Skies

Carbon fiber is just one of those things that gets us excited. It’s unbelievably strong, light and has a cool factor that’s off the charts. It’s also no secret that it’s been used in high-end automobiles and racing now for the past 20 years. Audi is a company that is no stranger to the usage of carbon fiber, so it should be of no surprise that they’ve now decided to have a little fun with it. What you are seeing here is a set of skis that was developed by Audi Concept Design Munich in conjunction with the Head sports gear company. The idea was to take ideas from motor sport and winter sports technologies and combine them into what is perhaps the coolest pair of skis ever produced.

Audi Carbon Fiber Skis

Head of Audi Motor Sport Wolfgang Ullrich stated,
“Thanks to its ideal combination of strength and light weight, carbon is used in motor sport for especially sensitive components that need to withstand the highest stress loads yet must at the same time be light in weight,”

The Audi carbon fiber ski features a wooden core combined with layers of titanium and aluminum enclosed in a carbon fiber casing which help the skies weigh in at around 200 grams less than standard models. The reduced weight allows for increased maneuverability and strength, allowing the skier to make smoother side to side transitions. Now usually we wouldn’t post about a set of skis, but since they combine two of out favorite things (Audi and Carbon Fiber), we felt the need to let you guys know.

Source: AutoEvolution

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