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Audi And Nokian Tires Break Ice Speed Record

Posted in Audi, Land Speed Record, Pop Culture by Kurt Ernst | March 10th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Just a few weeks back, we told you about a new ice land speed record, set in a drop-top Bentley Continental Supersports driven by Juha Kankkunen. The Bentley topped 205 miles per hour, achieving the two-way average speed of 205.48 miles per hour. This was enough to break the previous record of 199.83 miles per hour, but it wasn’t enough to keep the competition at bay for long. Finnish winter tire manufacturer Nokian used an Audi RS6, fitted with studded Hakkapeliitta 7 tires, to set a two way average speed of 206.05 miles per hour. The car was piloted by Nokian Tires’ in-house hot shoe, test driver Janne Laitinen, and was fitted with off-the-shelf 255/35R20 Nokian tires. Somehow, driving an RS6 at 200 miles per hour on ice seems slightly more sane than driving a ragtop Bentley at the same speed, but I still won’t be signing up for a record attempt myself.

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