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Audi A1’s Leaked Sketches Look to Rain on the Mini’s Parade

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2010 Audi A1

There are those auto enthusiasts who thrive on the curious speculation of what is yet to come. It is sometimes in the car maker benefit to let certain design notions slip into the hands of the right people to get a feel for the enthusiasts impressions. While it might seem doubtful in many cases the styling desires of the auto electorate (those who buy cars) can have an affect on a cars design. But then there are those other times when the sketched promise of a potential auto can have a profound affect on the wants and desires of we the prideful shoppers. The Audi A1 invokes a fervent desire to see more.

Audi A1 Sketch

It is supposed that a selection of 2-door coupes, hatchbacks and 4 or 5-door hatchbacks will be available in the A1, and that a convertible could even reach the market. It is also presumed that a selection of both gasoline and diesel engines will also be there for the choosing. However the option that most of us, whether we choose to put the bones down for it or not, will want to read about the the S1. The want of rumor links a 200-hp Audi petrol to the sport version of this Audi.

The Mini Cooper has been zipping about the roads of Europe and the USA celebrating its nimble handling and distinctive style. All the while the boys at BMW headquarters have been given a big grin by the little cars general appeal. The A1 will look to crash in on that grin fest with a bit more “umph” beneath its bonnet and with the luxury tweaking of Audi. You will not see any look of panic on those Mini-men and women at BMW, especially since they have a few years to prepare for the A1’s coming, but the idea of a bit more competition in “wee-car” market has to bring a smile to everyone else’s face. Just look what some good competition has brought out of BMW and Infiniti (335i vs G37s).


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