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Audi A1 Sportback’s Immigration Papers Denied

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According to reports published this week, Audi will not be introducing the compact A1 to the North American market in the foreseeable future. Although Audi initially confirmed their intention to keep the A1 in Europe last July, rumors began circulating that Audi may have had a change of hear after a revised sportback version of the Audi A1 was unveiled at the 2008 Paris Auto Show in October. Intended to enter the market as a compact luxury car, the A1 targets the MINI Cooper as its direct competition – a fact which appears to have contributed greatly to Audi’s decision to postpone an American introduction. Apparently, market analysts charged with gauging the Audi A1’s potential for a U.S. success discovered that the American market as a whole hasn’t quite warmed up to the idea of a super compact car with a full-sized luxury sedan price tag.

Fortunately, while we can’t confirm anything as fact quite yet, Audi has thrown us a small bone and hinted that a combination of small revisions and a shift in market climate may bring the A1 states side as early as 2015.

Source: 4WheelsNews

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