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Attempted Mugging Of Police Academy Grad Ends In Car Chase

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Late Tuesday night in Pasco, Florida, recent police academy graduate Marc Strojnowski was depositing checks at a Bank of America drive-up ATM when he felt the barrel of a gun pressed into his shoulder, followed by the command, “Give me all your money.” Stomping on the accelerator, Strojnowski peeled out of the parking lot and immediately dialed 911. Lacking a good description of neither the would-be thieves or their vehicle, Strojnowski remained on the phone with the dispatcher as he proceeded to follow the criminals’ car. Remaining on the their tail, Strojnowski chased the driver and his passenger into a residential neighborhood and watched as the Rhodes Scholars slid quietly into a driveway and ducked down into their seats. Their half-assed attempt at throwing Strojnowski off their scent provided Strojnowski with just enough time to recite the vehicle’s plate information to dispatch before the chase resumed again.

Apparently giving little thought the concept of brake lights, the driver reversed out of the driveway, switching his headlights off in a misguided attempt to allude Strojnowski. The pursuit then continued for a few short blocks until the driver then suddenly decided to abandon the car, fleeing the scene on foot. Taking the reigns, the passenger assumed the driver’s position and made a brief break for it before a half dozen uniformed officers responded to Strojnowski’s call.

Upon being taken into custody, the passenger, whose identity has been withheld, explained to officer’s that it had been the driver, Vincent Neil Terranova, who had attempted to intimidate Strojnowski with a toy gun. Enjoying a brief taste of freedom, Terranova was arrested later by officers and charged with robbery with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault.

Source: Saint Petersburg Times

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