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Atlanta Motor Speedway Sells $1 NASCAR Tickets

Posted in General, NASCAR, Racing by Kurt Ernst | February 15th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Calling it “racing roulette”, Atlanta Motor Speedway will sell 2,000 tickets to the March 7 Kobalt Tools 500 at $1.00 each. The $1 amount is based on the Daytona 500 winning car’s number, which makes me glad that Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (car 88) didn’t pull of the win. The first batch of 1,000 went on sale this morning at 7:30, with a second batch of 1,000 released at 9:00.

Missed the promo? Don’t stress, because you can still get a second ticket for $1 when you buy a regularly priced ticket at $85. Forty three bucks a pop for NASCAR tickets sounds like a good way to start the week.

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