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Aston Martin One-77, slowly, slowly, catchy rich monkey

Posted in Aston Martin, Expensive Cars, Sports Cars by Alan Harten | August 10th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

Aston Martin’s new baby has been named as One-77 and this new model is clearly intended for the very rich. That’s right: the price of this high-performance car is going to be about $1.8 million which just happens to be the same price range as the Bugatti Veyron.

But a good guess is that they will up that price for the prestige of being the world’s most expensive car. For that kind of cash the new One-77 will incorporate the most powerful engine introduced so far by the British firm.

The new model Aston Martin proves that the current credit crisis and fuel prices does not affect the luxury market. Everything indicates that the promotion of the new model Aston Martin will take place in little drops. So far, there is only one photo for potential buyers to take a look at and the British firm has unveiled only a couple of details of the sports cars specifications.

Although the company has opted for a website just for this vehicle One-77.com, but that consists of only the company logo and a couple of details flashed up on the screen, nothing else.

Therefore, the only thing we can know in advance so far is that the One-77 Aston Martin is a special series consists of only 77 units. The other details of the model are that it is made up of aluminum body panels and a chassis of carbon fibre.

Finally, the heart of Aston Martin One-77 will be a new generation engine with cylinder capacity of seven liters and 12 cylinders in the V formation. This would mean that it would exceed the 550 hp engine, which will make it the most powerful Aston Martin in history.

With this powerful sports, the mechanics reached a speed of 217mph and mean that it accelerates from 0 to 60mph in about three seconds. This would be a slower take off speed and a lot lower top speed than the Veyron with which presumably it would be competing, but they may yet have some trick up their sleeve to improve on those figures.

The new One-77 would become the first model built by the British firm, after the Ford group in 2007 sold this company to a consortium led by Prodrive.

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