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Aston Martin Lagonda Crossover Concept: Kill It With Fire

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If the Lagonda XUV concept unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show is any indication, there is a very valid, legitimate reason why Aston Martin laid the original Lagonda to rest – it’s ugly as sin. We’re usually predispositioned to enjoy any vehicle bearing the Aston Martin badge, but this is simply a bridge too far. Although we realize a major cornerstone of the Lagonda’s legacy was its “unique” design and cutting-edge technology, we refuse to believe that in the 20 year gap between the death of the original and the birth of the monster pictured above, Aston Martin couldn’t find a way to make the Lagonda at least marginally attractive. Utterly hideous Chrysler 300-reminiscent design aside, the Lagonda’s one redeeming virtue is found beneath the hood where Aston Martin claims they will place a V12. Power ratings for the 12-banger have yet to be disclosed, but to compensate for the incredibly lacking exterior, we expect the Lagonda to be capable of full flight.

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