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Aston Martin DBRS9 Wins Race on Bio-Fuel

Posted in Car Tech, Emissions by will bee | June 6th, 2007 | 1 Response |

For the first time in British racing history a bio-fueled race car runs away with the checkered flag. The Aston Martin DBRS9 driven by Lord Drayson and Johnny Cocker is the first bold statement to stab back at those critics of bio-fuels who claim a large loss in a cars performance with alternative fuels.

aston martin dbrs9 bio-fueled racer wins british race

If memory serves me correct the first fuel-injected cars in the US were available in the 1950’s, and yet they did not see market wide useage until the 1980’s. Is that to say that automotive technologies take time to develope? ..Crazy talk!
So why do the critics of todays bio-fuels attempt to automatically condemn the use and research those bio-fuels are receiving today? The automotive market could absolutely stand a shake-up in the way cars are being produced today as bigger, faster and hungrier. And it is not as though the internal-combustion engine will be scrapped in the next 10 years when Hydrogen might be more prevelant beneath the hood of new cars.

Lord Drayson may have summed it up best: “This is not a one off, the car has been competitive all season, taking two pole positions and it now leads the championship. It goes to prove that running a car on bio-fuel doesn’t mean any compromise in performance. I hope we can get this message across to motorists everywhere.”


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One Response

  1. Ryan says:

    Very nice. It’s good to see evidence like this that alternative car fuels can be used for high performance vehicles!