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Artist Renderings Jinx 2010 Camaro Z28

Posted in Camaro, Car Photography, Cars, Chevrolet by Suzanne Denbow | October 8th, 2008 | 1 Response |

Through an exhaustive array of sneak peaks and photo leaks, the 2010 Camaro wore out its welcome a full six months before its official debut. Already sick of the stock options, aftermarket mock-ups of ├╝ber Camaro’s have already hit the web, most of which are the product of bored 14-year old boys looking to pass the time in 5th period algebra. Some are pretty impressive though, like the renderings of a Camaro Z28 created by Camaro5 forum lurker and admitted fanboy, Jinx. Designed with dreams of a 550-hp, 6.2L LSA engine under the hood, Jinx’s mock-ups feature a hood bulge to accommodate the massive engine as well as a ZR1-esque clear opening – for checking out the gun show. A bigger air intake is designed to feed the massive intercooler, and the requisite quad exhaust tips were added to the rear.

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[Source: AutoBlog.com]

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    please i want camaro z 28