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Artist Builds Wacky Motorcycle as Tribute to His Teddy Bear.

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Meet Grayson Perry, the 49 year old motorcycle loving artist and transvestite that lives in London. As a child Perry had a teddy bear name Alan Measles, who was apparently the dictator and God of the imaginary world that Perry created in his mind (I’m not making this up folks). Now almost 50 years after first receiving the bear, Perry decided to pay homage to his life long friend by building one of the most outlandish motorcycles we’ve seen to date. It’s called the Kenilworth AM1 and according to Perry the bike is a cross between the, “Mexican Day of the Dead meets Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.”

Greyson Perry

The trip took Perry from England to Germany, where the artist even took a lap on the Nurburgring. Now imagine for a moment that you’re a Porsche driver, ripping down through the curves of the Nurburgring, only to come upon a transvestite on a clown decorated Harley with a teddy bear on the back… may seem a bit odd, no? Quite honestly, this bike looks more like it came from the garage of Barbies Dream House, and while it may not be to our taste there is no denying that it is quite a showstopper.

Source: BBC.co.uk

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