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Artega GT unveils at Frankfurt Auto Show: Do we need another $100k sports car?

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Artega GT

When I first caught a glimpse of the Artega GT I was pleased with its graceful lines as it appears to be casual ripples of water in motion. But what really struck me was the debate within as to whether we really need another $100,ooo-plus sports car on the market? Are there not enough specialty sports cars fluttering between the $100k and $1million mark to satisfy the multitude of millionairs seeking a means to stand out? What makes the Artega GT any different from the others?

Some of the particulars are the Artega GT:
The car was designed by designer Henrik Fisker who is renowned as the mind behind the Austin Martin DB9. The Artega GT is powered by a rear engine 3.6 liter FSI V6 that produces 300-hp and has a zero-to-62 time of 5 seconds. It is a 2-passenger sports car with room for luggage both behind the seats and a bit beneath the hood up front.
Artega GT 

The mission statement for the Artega GT as described in the Press Release is as follows:

The idea for developing the Artega GT can be considered the “dream order” for a highly motivated team: to develop an extraordinary sports car with entirely unique special accents quasi as calling card of the internationally successful electronics supplier paragon AG. The Artega concept was to establish a totally new brand, and the team’s commission was short and to the point: driven by enthusiasm for sporty cars, demonstrate total competence for automotive development.

Artega GT

The Artega GT is a fine example of form following function as their is true style and fluidity from front to back. The notion of building a better sports car has been an ambition of many for as long as their have been cars. However, if I am going to pay $100k for a car in todays specialty market I expect to get more than 300 horses. No matter how precise or exquisite the style and interior are there is a “get-up and go” quotiant that requires some attention. That said there are cars with less horsepower that are more fun to drive than some of your elite sports cars (the 2007 Civic Si for example.. future story will explain the why of that).

Below are the technical specs for the Artega GT and if you follow the leap at the bottom you can check out the full press release. What we want to know is what do you think of the Artega GT and the $100k-plus specialty sports car market? While the average driver often dreams of these elite sports cars are we really being served anything that satisfies our hunger that is within an attainable price range?

Technical specifications

    – Frame: Aluminium spaceframe
    – Rear module: tubular space frame made of high-strength steel
    – Body: carbon-fibre reinforced compound material
    – Dimensions (L x W x H): 3,950 mm x 1,880 mm x 1,180 mm
    – Kerb weight: approx. 1100 kg
    – Luggage compartment capacity: 300 litres (225 behind the seats, 75 in the front)
    – Engine: V6 direct-injection
    – Displacement: 3597 ccm
    – Transmission: six-speed direct-shift gearbox
    – Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h: less than 5 s
    – Maximum speed: more than 270 km/h


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