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Arsonist Targets Cars in San Francisco

Posted in Bizarre, Cars, Legal, Newsworthy, Parking, Safety by Alex Kierstein | July 29th, 2009 | 3 Responses |
<i>Save the poor, defenseless cars!</i>

Save the poor, defenseless cars!

At least a dozen cars have been set ablaze in San Francisco over the last few days, a city where few residents actually have garages to hide their cars. SF is notorious for having many more cars than parking spots, and residents have already been getting the shaft lately as SF steps up parking enforcement due to the economic downturn. Now, on top of the scarcity of parking and the cost of frequent tickets, your car might get torched. Lovely!

Four cars burned late on Monday night in the city. The SFPD’s arson team is so far baffled, despite the fact that it seems like all the arsons are related (and also related to a spree of Porta-Potty fires). The method seems to be newspaper put under the car and set alight – the same as the toilet fires. Don’t think it takes Sherlock Holmes to deduce that this is the same perp behind all of the attacks. So far there’s no clear pattern to which cars the arsonist is targeting, which just adds to the seeming randomness of the crimes. While this nut is on the loose, it seems that most cars in the western areas of the state are fair game for this nutcase. Let’s hope the SFPD gets off their asses and gets this guy soon, for the sake of the cars!

[Source: SFGate]

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3 Responses

  1. RCTrucker7 says:

    $10 says it’s someone who’s behind on their car payments and is torching other cars, along with his\hers somewhere in the mix, to cover it up.

    Or maybe I’ve been watching to much Monk.

  2. Dustin May says:

    Maybe they’re pissed the EPA re-did the fuel economy figures for their car and it isn’t eligible now. Or, maybe they like to sing!

    Burn baby burn! Burn baby burn! Burn baby burn! Burn baby burn!

    Set cars on fire, yes! One hundred models fry
    People gettin’ scared y’all runnin’ down off the road – Do you hear?
    (the cars are flaming) Folks were screamin’ – out of control
    It was so entertainin’ – when the Toyota started to explode
    I heard somebody say

    Burn baby burn! – Auto inferno!
    Burn baby burn! – Burn that Chevy up
    Burn baby burn! – Auto inferno!
    Burn baby burn! – Burn that Honda down

  3. .357 says:

    See, with e-newspapers you can’t start fires!