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Are You Ready For The Zombie Apocalypse?

Posted in 4x4, Bizarre, car modifications, DIY, Funny Videos, General, Mechanics, Pop Culture, Zombies by Kurt Ernst | December 26th, 2010 | 3 Responses |

We here at RideLust have given you lots of useful information on surviving the zombie apocalypse, but I have to give props to this video tutorial created by the guys at Mighty Car Mods. Not only does it show you how to build the ultimate zombie mobile (from materials at hand), but it also gives you useful information on weaponry and, um, sourcing food (not for the faint of stomach). Overall, the advice is solid, but I’d disagree on a few key points (like cutting a hole in the roof). A stand-up gunport is of limited use (ever try to make a head shot from a moving vehicle?), and it just gives zombies one more point of entry. Personally, I’d advise against it, and I’d advise against taking out the windows before you screen them. Tempered glass (behind metal screening) still offers reasonable protection from bodily fluids and zombie intrusion. I say leave it in.

As for weapons, understand that this was filmed in Australia, which has different gun laws than the United States. I completely agree with the shotgun recommendation, since you don’t need a lot of skill to be proficient with one, but would strongly recommend a pump or semi-auto shotgun over a double barrel version. If you’re fighting off a horde of zombies, would you rather have five shots or two shots before reloading? I’d also opt for a stout rifle with a heavy wooden stock, like the Springfield Armory M1A. The .308 round is particularly effective against zombies, and unlike a plastic-stocked AR-15, the M1A makes a serviceable club if you find yourself short on ammo but long on zombies. Let’s not forget a sidearm for the close-in stuff, either: personally, I’d recommend the Glock 21, which holds 13 rounds of .45 ACP per magazine and will eat any ammo you feed it. Unlike more temperamental handguns, the Glock also goes “bang” each and every time you pull the trigger; do you want to clear a stovepiped round when you’re up close and personal with the undead?

As for the hammer and Samurai sword, I’ll pass. If you’re close enough to use them, you’re close enough to get infected from zombie bodily fluids. Are you REALLY going to remember to don that full face mask and gloves before you start going all “ninja warrior” on the undead? Leave that stuff to Hollywood, and avoid putting yourself in a situation where they’re your only option.

Source: Autoblog

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