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Are Prius Drivers the Worst Offenders?

Posted in Alt Fuels, Best of, Car Branding, Electronics, Engines, Fuel, Fuel Cell, General, Hybrid Technologies, News, Pop Culture, Rants & Raves, Traffic by MrAngry | November 9th, 2011 | 19 Responses |

Toyota Prius

Ever since I moved out to the West Coast I’ve been noticing a trend amongst those who drive hybrids and electric cars. For one, they’re generally more aggressive behind the wheel and two, they seem to feel that because they drive an economy car that this gives them the right to act like complete assholes on the open road. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been known to fracture an occasional traffic law from time to time, but these hybrid drivers, especially those who pilot the Toyota Prius, are in a class by themselves. On the highway for instance it’s more often than not that I see Prius drivers motoring at 80-85 mph through traffic. I’ve been flashed by them, tailgated by them and even flicked off by a few. I’ve also been chastised by owners while getting coffee for driving what they consider to be gas guzzling automobiles.

Back in NYC the Prius driver used these cars as they were intended – to get great economy. They drove them in a normal fashion and simply enjoyed their little hybrids. Out here in California though it’s almost as if owners used them as a way to be passive aggressive on the open road – “Yes of course I’m speeding and driving erratically, but I drive a Prius, so it’s ok…” Now I suppose I could be imagining this, but I highly doubt it. What I’m curious to know is, has anyone out there experienced a similar occurrence or am I the only one?

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19 Responses

  1. Gumby1008 says:

    If you are ever pulled up by one, explain to them the enviromental impact of building their precious hybrids

  2. Jim says:

    It’s so fun to be an asshole to Prius drivers but when they are an asshole back it’s no fun. Weird, just saying. Fucking hippy faggots, am I right guys?

    • Jaco says:

      No Jim it’s not about being assholes to them and they not responding in kind. It’s about the Prius drivers initiating the aggressive bullshit driving that seems to have a unique flair in the annals of driving. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been cutoff by these self entitled bastards. More than once the peaceful environmentally friendly individual will also have a Coexist sticker on the bumper as well. You know the one that is made up of religious symbols , suggesting that we all should go out of our way to live in peace and harmony. Stop driving like Mario Andretti on a bad day and then we can start to coexist.

  3. Michael says:

    I tell them to be nice or my 4 wheel drive and it’s big ass carbon footprint will step over them

  4. James says:

    Saw this video yesterday.

  5. Paul1963 says:

    First off, I just want to mention that I have several friends who own Prii, and none of them have exhibited the obnoxious behavior mentioned. They all bought them for the fuel economy, not to make a statement.
    And now that that’s out of the way, I’ll say that my friends appear to be the exceptions. I’ve seen people complaining online about hybrid owners in general driving too slowly and clogging up the flow of traffic, and I’ve seen a few who were clearly hypermiling, but I’ve seen a lot more who’ll weave in and out of traffic (rarely, if ever, signaling), cruise at 75 mph, cut people off and just generally behave like assholes.

  6. rildo says:

    if you cant ram it, dodge it!

  7. Mark Smith says:

    I’ve noticed the same thing. I drive my Prius (which I hate, BTW) for mileage (and I live in California). This is probably a holdover from my 1st generation Insight that I drove for years. But I see LOTS of Prius drivers camped in the fast lane doing 85+ or weaving in and out of traffic.

    And nearly every one has those HOV lane stickers on them. My guess is that these people didn’t buy the cars for their mileage, they bought them because they could use the HOV lanes all the time. It must have really frosted them when California ended that program for Hybrids in July!

  8. eddie_327 says:

    i have also found nutty prius’s out there.i always make a point to blow thier doors off when i can,what gets me is i have to spank one once in a while i wish they wouldnt even try me.they should just be the smug little turds that they are,and drive them for the mileage and lead by example, so to speak.

  9. nospaces says:

    Fuck prii and their scumbag drivers, want good milage? buy a diesel.

  10. I live in LA and used to live in Orange County; I never saw more Prius than in OC; they were everywhere! I mean seriously everywhere. I see a lot in LA too. A lot of people have the misconception that the Prius is a slow car. It isn’t; I’ve seen people hit like over 90 mph in one. Some Prius drivers are super annoying and drive like a turtle in the fast lane because they don’t want to waste gas; I mean driving 30 mph with no one in front of them. 80 mph is not fast btw; that’s the normal flow of traffic in OC and LA when there is no traffic.

    Also; changing lanes without signaling on the fwy is not a Prius thing. It seems that no one signals when changing lanes here; people do it to me all the time in every car imaginable.

  11. Jackie says:

    Also, now that you are on the West Coast if you ever feel like checking out amazing cars I highly suggest cruising the Sunset strip in L.A and/or around the West Hollywood area. I just moved to the area and I have never seen so many amazing cars when I’m just driving around running errands! Saw a classic Rolls Royce parked on Sunset (everyone was staring). Saw many Bentley’s (one yielded to me as I turned into In N Out Burger, oh and I saw an Aston Martin on Fairfax and Sunset Blvd. Saw Lambo’s too. So much eye candy, especially on a Friday or Saturday night.

    I hardly saw exotics in OC; it was all normal Benz, BMW and tons and tons of Prius. I even saw a Leaf once driving to work and a Volt too. OC has more “green” cars while L.A is all flash but I loves it!!

    If you think Prius drivers are bad wait till you come to L.A; these are the most aggressive drivers I have ever seen. Everyone drives like a maniac here.

  12. Ladon says:

    Its not exactly the Prius owners its that Cali itself is full of assholes, And the Bay Area has a high concentration of them.

  13. passerby says:

    Prius drivers are so bad. Just last weekend on a trip back from South Cali to the North, I had one tailgate me going 85+ when everyone else is going comfortably going 75-80. B*tch! Yes. It was a blonde female driver.
    I moved over and it went 90+. B*tch!

  14. peter says:

    Have you guys ever had a time where you were looking to buy for a particular car or motorcycle? al of a sudden after you wanted to buy that particular vehicle you see tons of them around? but before then you never saw any around? thats because you took notice. I commute 55 miles to work and i see a ton of bad drivers. alot of them drive fords, chevys, toyotas, hondas, hondas, ooh and did i mention hondas? I drive a prius and on the way home i do take the carpool lane with my 2 year old son in the back seat. I drive with the flow of traffic and the flow of traffic averages 75 on the 210 freeway. Since I am on carpool i cannot weave thru traffic. I can just drive with traffic. so by myself driving 75-80 with traffic does that mean i am a bad person or driver? how about the ford that is in back of me. or the bmw that is tailgating me? The worst drivers in my opinion based on what i “noticed” while driving or whats on my radar are tow trucks. they gun it down the road towing a car and weave thru traffic. or those darn big rigs who should be driving 55 mpg max but are flying down the freeway at 65+mph. those are the annoying ones. but rius drivers? i dont think so. there are the same amount of bad prius drivers as there are any other car type. you guys just arent taking notice. I guarantee you if someone posted a thread about how bad mustang drivers are or camaro drivers are then you would automatically start noticing that and then there would be a whole website based on that.

    I drive a prius because I cannot afford to pay for gas at the insane prices that they are now. The money I am saving goes straight to my sons future. I dint buy my prius to go racing. thats obsurd. I would imagin there arent too many prius owners wining an races with thier avarage 1/4 times being 40 seonds.

  15. Don't be an a-hole says:

    Prius drivers are beyond assholeeees. I often would see them driving slow on the passing lane, if you shall dare to pass them, they will speed up and cut you off and put the brakes on in front of you. I would like to know why would you do that? can any Prius drivers answer me that? WHY? 1st of all you shouldn’t be in passing lane going slower than traffic to your right, and if someone approach you, get out of the way. if you don’t get out of the way don’t go chasing them down and cutting them off.

  16. Victor De La Vega says:

    No, I agree with you, Prius drivers are A1 assholes. What can you expect though from a car which encourages the driver to always boast about how economical their little soul-less vehicle is. I know a couple of people who drive this piece of Toyota garbage, and they walk around with a “holier than thou” mindset. In reality, they are more environmentally destructive than those who drive a used car. Making those little crappers is expensive and not eco-friendly. You’re better off buying a good used car, which has already been through the production line.