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Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200 Priced

Posted in Corner Carvers, Motorcycle by Kurt Ernst | January 2nd, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

If you’ve been saving your lunch money to put down on the new (to the U.S.) Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200, Autoevolution tells us that pricing will begin at $11,999 for the non-ABS versions. That’s a lot of brown bag lunches, and it’s comparable to what you’d spend on a base 1100cc Ducati Hypermotard ($11,995). On the flip side, that’s a lot less than KTM wants you to spend on their 990 SMT, which stickers at $13,998. The Aprilia puts out 130 horsepower, which is considerably more than either its Italian or Austrian rival. The Aprilia beats the Duc, which by 35 horsepower and the Katoom by 16 horsepower, which should make the Aprilia the hoonmobile of choice. If the 750cc Dorsoduro was fast, the 1200cc Dorso promises to be stupid fast.

Like its baby brother, the big Dorso comes with a ride-by-wire throttle with three different map settings. Touring mode should be more than adequate for the daily commute, Rain mode is perfect for wet or slippery pavement and Sport mode should be used by those with plenty of points available on their licenses. On the 750, Sport mode gave the Dorso “lightswitch” power, so I can only imagine what the 1200 will be like. Practice riding wheelies on the bike you’re currently on, because they’ll be a way of life on the big Dorso.

If you want a kinder, gentler Dorsoduro 1200, the company will sell you a version with ABS and traction control, although I’ve yet to see pricing on the upgraded models. I also haven’t seen any information on fuel tank size, which was the Achilles heel of the 750 Dorsoduro; who wants to tank up every hundred miles? The big Dorsos should begin hitting Aprilia dealers in Q1 2011, and your color choices will be limited to black or white.

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