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Apple Inspired “iMove” Concept Car.

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I’m a huge fan of Apple Computers, in fact I still have the original 1984 Macintosh computer tucked away down in the cockles of my basement (sucker still works too). Over the last 20 years Apple has become a major force in not only computers, but with anything trendy and having to do with pop-culture. The iPod, iPad and iPhone have all become mainstays in the gadget world and have spawned whole industries that are centered around them. Now it seems that one Italian designer by the name of Liviu Tudoran has decided to take Apple into the auto industry by designing an Apple inspired electric car for 2020 called the, “iMove”.

Apple Inspired iMove Concept

By the looks of it the “iMove” is what happens when a golf ball and a VW Beetle get jiggy with it. The cars body would be covered with some sort of transparent material that would double as a solar panel and give its occupants that open-air feeling. Its exterior will also be customizable by the owner. I understand forward thinking in the auto industry, but if this is what we are going to be driving in 10 years then I want no part of it.

I mean seriously people, how the hell did we go from this:
1959 Cadillac Eldorado

To this… I weep for the future.
Apple Inspired iMove Concept

Source: BeautifulLife.info

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