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Another Toyota Recall, This Time For Defective Engines

Posted in General, Lexus, Luxury Cars, Newsworthy, Recalls, Safety, Toyota by Kurt Ernst | July 1st, 2010 | 3 Responses |

Toyota is back in the media spotlight, and unfortunately it’s more bad news. Autoblog reports that Toyota will soon be recalling Toyota Crown, Lexus LS 460, Lexus LS 600h, Lexus LS 600hL, Lexus GS 350, Lexus GS 450h, Lexus GS 460 and Lexus IS 350 models worldwide. The 4.6 liter V8 and 3.5 liter V6 engines used in the affected vehicles may have faulty valve springs, which can cause the engine to stall under normal operation. Stalling could lead to an accident, although Toyota has yet to report any accidents related to this condition.

Worldwide, the recall will involve 270,000 cars. A recall of this size takes some planning, so Toyota is still attempting to work out the logistical details. A date for the recall has not been set, but customers with questions or concerns can reach Toyota’s customer service hotline at (800) 331-4331.

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3 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    Here’s Toyota’s chance to kill two birds with one stone. All Toyota needs to due is stick these engines in their cars that have the stuck accellerator problems, put the sticky accellerators in their cars with this engine, and that should fix both issues.

    Glad I could help you out Toyota. ;-)

  2. Kurt says:

    Would that be “unintended unacceleration”?

  3. Dave says:

    lolol…Awesome Kurt!