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Anders Warming Discusses Mini Rocketman Concept

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Mini Rocketman Concept

Not long ago Kurt brought you guys a piece on Mini’s new Rocketman concept, a car that, believe it or not is actually smaller then a base model Mini. The goal of the Rocketman is to provide consumers with an efficient little compact that utilizes the best that modern technology has to offer. The chassis for instance is made of carbon fiber (a first for Mini) and they actually use paper – that’s right paper – in the interior to stress the point of sustainability. Recently Mini has also been stressing themselves as a premium brand, and while that may be true (kinda), that doesn’t change the fact that their cars are no bigger than a size 15 roller skate. Listen, in the end the Rocketman concept is an interesting conversation piece. It’s cute, employs some cool materials and features, and even though we’ve yet to hear what will power this thing, it’s sure to be efficient as well. Below is a video of Anders Warming, Head of MINI Design discussing the ideas behind the new Rocketman concept.

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