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And You Thought Your Job Was Tough

Posted in Cool Stuff, Death Wish, Motorcycle, Stunts, Videos by Kurt Ernst | July 7th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Frustrated with your dead end office job? Are your co-workers driving you crazy? Are you ready to throw your boss into a wood chipper? No matter how bad you have it, ask yourself this: what are the consequences of a really bad day? Getting chewed out in front of co-workers? Getting a demotion? Getting fired?

If you’re Gary Rothwell, a professional stunt rider, a bad day at work results in tossing your Hayabusa at speed, while you skate along behind it at 80 to 150 miles per hour. Tossing a bike at triple digit speeds sucks, but tossing a riderless bike at triple digit speeds as you ski behind it would suck even more. How, exactly, do you stop yourself at 150 mph? Crashing really doesn’t seem like a good option to me.

Anyway, enjoy the vid, courtesy of Two Wheels Blog. If you work in an office, it’ll make you appreciate your job, love your co-workers and respect your boss, because your job doesn’t hurt nearly as much as Gary Rothwell’s when things go bad.

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