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And You Thought It Was Only the Chinese Who Made Copycat Cars: the Daihatsu Mira Gino

Posted in Bizarre, Design, Micro Cars, Mini by Alex Kierstein | August 27th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |

new mira gino

Take a look carefully at the image above … what do you see? This isn’t exactly a Rorschach blot test, now is it? You’re looking at Daihatsu’s (a division of Toyota which makes Kei-cars like the Copen) homage to that classic British minicar … what was its name? It was so miniscule. Ah well, the name of that car escapes us, but at a minimum, the styling ain’t original. And this isn’t the first time Daihatsu’s gone and done something like this … make the jump to see the old Mira Gino.

old mira gino

You see? Again with the minimicry. OK, well dropping the meme, the Mira Gino is based on the regular Mira, a 660cc-powered runabout that happened to be one of the lightest cars in the world, at around 1200 lbs. The Gino version was part of a larger trend in Japan of occasionally producing a retro-styled special edition of an existing car (the Nissan Figaro, while not resembling any particular car as much as the Mira Gino, is a good example of the trend). As you can probably guess, the current version is only sold in Japan (or in Europe as the “Trevis” – terrible name!), but we can see some JDM fanboy doing the math on their hands to see how long they have to wait to legally import one. Of course, why not get a Mini instead?

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