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An insiders look: “The Car Show”

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Adam Carolla The Car Show
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Now here’s something that should make all of you testosterone headed man folk happy. You see we’ve got a new contributor here at Ridelust.com, and not only is she one beautiful lady, but she can drive the wheels off a car like nobodies business. Folks, I’ve seen this woman humble many a man, so don’t go thinking that she’s just another pretty face because people, this lady’s got skillz… Anyway, Jennifer recently attended a taping of The Car Show, the much anticipated new automotive program on SPEED starring Adam Carolla, Matt Farah, Dan Neil and John Salley. She was also kind enough to give us her thoughts as well as an insiders view on what we should expect.

An insiders look: “The Car Show”

By Jennifer Nicole.

Yesterday was another break in automotive TV history as a new pilot for SPEED channel was being shot at Fox Studios. Creatively titled, The Car Show, the new cast made some hilarious jokes about the originality of the title. I had the honor of being a part of the studio audience and saw first hand how this show was going to differentiate itself from the newly televised Top Gear USA show on History.

Photo Credit: Motor Trend

Funny man Adam Corolla, is the front runner and carries the show with a witty cast to support it. We’ve also got four time champion and NBA all-star, John Salley; ultimate automotive writer Dan Neil, and , Matt Farah, host of the hit online web series The Smoking Tire. Put these guys together on a panel and you instantly have something special.

Walking onto the set it looks like a regular nightly news program with some inspiration from CNN. A wooden desk sits center stage with four chairs pulled up to it. Both John and Matt are wearing hooded sweatshirts which keeps the setting casual. Dan Neil, “the suit,” is the guy you wouldn’t think to join you for a beer but, when you put him next to Matt Farah he slips out more obscenities than the side burnin’ outlaw of Colorado sitting next to him.

The Car Show

We saw nothing but the roughest cuts of what has already been filmed. It truly was a rough cut, but the right pieces are there. What I enjoyed most is the banter back and forth between the guys. Adam would throw out a topic and the guys would have a chance to comment. It was raw, unedited, dirty and fun. Matt was drinking motor oil within the first thirty minutes on the panel, which tells us he’ll stop at nothing to get this show aired.

This show looks like it’s going to be a huge hit. The guys aren’t worried about what manufacturers they might piss off or what celebrities they poke fun at. It’s completely uncensored. This show will be a great compliment to Top Gear because although it’s in competition with TG, being that it’s a car show, each show offers it’s viewers very different things. As a car enthusiast myself I’m excited that cable networks are finally realizing that car shows can be a success and it’s about time that we get some good stuff to watch.

Oh… and by the way, this is Jennifer Nicole so please say hello but most of all BE NICE!

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3 Responses

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Speed really needs a show like this in it’s line up. The currrent Monster Truck/NASCAR/Barret Jackson line up is far from entertaining. Don’t get me wrong I like NASCAR but there is ONLY so much going on in that world. All of the people involved in this show are entertaining, genuinely funny and natural on camera. Something that is missing from Top Gear USA.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if this quickly would become the highest rated show on the Speed Network should they step up and air it.

    Best of Luck to the cast and crew of “The Car Show”

  2. Mahalo says:

    Unless John Salley’s car runs off of coconut oil i have no idea what he brings to the table.

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