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An Homage To Miami Vice, Starring A ’68 Charger

Posted in Car Chase, Cool Stuff, Dodge, Videos by Kurt Ernst | June 14th, 2011 | 1 Response |

Image: American DSLR

Back in the 1980’s, “Miami Vice” was the coolest show on television. Its cinematography was cutting-edge, and the series often centered on controversial subject matter. The show also licensed a lot of pop music from the era, which only added to the cool factor – instead of elevator music playing in the background, you got contemporary pop songs, many of which were intertwined into the show. In a lot of ways, Miami Vice was like an hour long music video. Sure, the acting was amateurish, but the stars of the show drove a Ferrari Daytona (a replica, actually) before switching to a Ferrari Testarossa.

Like the 1980s, “Miami Vice” doesn’t translate well into today’s reality. The video below was filmed in tribute to the show, and it demonstrates just how far technology has come in 25 years. Back then, it took serious camera rigs and days worth of editing to produce the footage. Today, this video was shot by American DSLR using a few suction cup mounts, a tripod and a few DSLR cameras.

Source: American DSLR, via Chromjuwelen

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