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An Alfa Romeo Bobber? Hell Yes!

Posted in Alfa Romeo, General, Motorcycle by Kurt Ernst | February 5th, 2010 | 1 Response |


I’m not much of a Harley guy, though I do have a strange attraction to their XR1200. I also like the look of a well done bobber, like the one you see above. Throw in the fact that it’s powered by a V6 from Alfa Romeo, and I’m in. All in.

Alfa motors (and Italian engines in general) are the sweetest sounding mechanical devices on God’s green earth. Seventy one virgins, simultaneously achieving orgasmic bliss, could not rival the sound of a properly tuned Alfa Duetto. Throw in two more cylinders, and I’m sure it only gets better.


Sure, it’s a hardtail, which you could only ride for about ten miles before requiring spinal surgery. Sure, those heat wrapped exhaust pipes would roast you legs like a Thanksgiving turkey. Sure, that primary chain for the transmission would turn your left foot to hamburger before you got to the first stop light. But I GET this bike, so none of that matters.

If I had the coin, I’d be dialing the builder right now. I’ve got just the right spot in my living room for a piece of rolling sculpture.

Source: Jalopnik

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One Response

  1. MrAngry says:

    Now that is cool!