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America’s Worst Speed Trap Cities

Posted in driving, Legal, Lists, Police by Kurt Ernst | February 23rd, 2011 | 4 Responses |

Image: Agência Brasil

Ask a dozen drivers which city and state has the worst speed traps, and I’ll guarantee that you get a dozen different answers. All of them will probably relate to the last place they got pulled over, which isn’t exactly a scientific methodology. Luckily for us, the National Motorists Association keeps track of stuff like this, and they’ve just released their latest study. Per the NMA’s Chad Dornsife, “Speed limits are supposed to be based on factual studies of traffic and what the majority of motorists deem as a safe speed. Now, the posted limit has become a revenue generator—not a safety device.” Dornsife’s group estimates that speeding tickets generate up to $6 billion in revenue in the United States, and chances are better than average that you’ve contributed to that amount throughout the years. Read on to find out which cities are the worst offenders.

10. Los Angeles, CA, with 151 speed traps

9. Chicago, IL, with 153 speed traps

8. Dallas, TX, with 156 speed traps

7. Orlando, FL, with 165 speed traps

6. Denver, CO, with 165 speed traps

5. Jacksonville, FL, with 175 speed traps

4. Colorado Springs, CO, with 186 speed traps

3. Las Vegas, NV, with 187 speed traps

2. Austin, TX, with 189 speed traps

1. Houston, TX, with 373 speed traps

The best advice I can give after reading the list is, “don’t speed in Texas”, and “don’t speed in any tourist destination cities”. You should also avoid speeding in cash-strapped cities like Los Angeles and Chicago, who are more than happy to separate you from your hard earned cash. As for Jacksonville, I’m not sure I’m buying it. Sure, we have speed enforcement on residential streets and on some highways, but I can count the traffic stops I’ve seen over the last four years on one hand. We’re too busy trading gunfire to worry about things like speed limits, and the police take this into consideration.

Source: Yahoo Autos, via Autoblog

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4 Responses

  1. I have only had one speed ticket in my 14 years of driving and that’s in OC. Now that I don’t commute I never speed. I have driven in Los Angeles and that roads are so complicated and hard to navigate there (crowded, really curvy and confusing as in Sunset blvd) that I find myself barely driving the speed limit let alone surpassing it.

  2. Jen says:

    Jacksonville?? Really? Maybe the border with St Johns county. Hmm guess ill be driving like grandma Moses a little more often. God knows I can’t afford for my insurance to go up

  3. Guilherme says:

    São Paulo – Brazil = 452 speed traps in 2010!!!
    and in 2011 we´ll have vehicle inspection traps too …

    • Kurt Ernst says:

      Guilherme, we don’t have vehicle inspections in FL (or in most U.S. states) any more. The net result is that drivers ignore things like bald tires and worn brake pads until they have an accident, because they “don’t have the money to fix their cars”. Ironically, they DO have the money for things like cell phones, vacations, new clothes, etc., so it’s all a matter of priorities.

      Obrigado por ler o site!