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Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance: 1954 Kurtis Byers 500KK

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1954 Kurtis 500KK

Frank Kurtis and his company, Kurtis Kraft, were best known for building successful midget cars, sprint cars and Indy cars. Between 1950 and 1960, Kurtis built 120 Indy cars, which took five Indy 500 victories. If you watched racing in the 1950s, you saw his cars in competition; eager to capitalize on this, Kurtis began building a limited range of two seat sports cars in 1949. Between 1949 and 1955, about 75 cars were completed and sold.

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1954 Kurtis 500KK

You don't see THAT everyday.

1954 Kurtis 500KK

Yeah, it's got a hemi

1954 Kurtis 500KK

Interior is... spartan.

The KK series were sold in various stages of completion, allowing the buyer a choice of motor, transmission and body type. Frame and suspension were pure race car, taken from Kurtis’ 1953 Indy car design. This 1954 Kurtis Byers 500KK features a fiberglass body molded by boat builder Jim Byers, and uses a 291 cubic inch Hemi Fire Dome V8 motor built by DeSoto and good for 275 horsepower. The car was used by the original owner to compete in various sports car and drag racing events into the 1960s, and it is still campaigned by its current owners in vintage events.

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