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F*ck Superman! This guy is AWESOME!

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Wing Man Base Jumper

Just imagine what would happen if Wilbur and Orville Wright saw this crazy bastard come whipping by them as they were standing on a hillside thinking about flight. Not only would it have completely blown their mind, but it also would’ve scared the hell out of them. This is Belgium base jumper extraordinaire Cedric Dumont and in his latest video he can be seen blazing through the incredible Crack Gorge in the Churfirsten Mountains in Switzerland. Now while some people would say that skimming across the treetops at 100 + mph in nothing more then an inflated body suit is completely nuts, for Cedric Dumont, it’s just another day at the office. Oh yeah, his cameraman is f*ckin’ nuts as well.

Source: RedBull.com

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