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Amazing 1969 Coke Bottle Charger on Ebay.

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Coke Bottle Charger

The Dodge Chargers built from 1968-1970 are considered to be some of the most beautiful cars ever to come out of Detroit. They’re muscular, aggressive and with that classic coke bottle shape draw crowds where ever they go. Artist Steve Stanley created this amazing one-off 1969 Dodge Charger in an attempt to pay homage to what is considered, the one true American soft drink. Coca-Cola has always used art to express their visions of what true Americana is. Artists like Andy Warhol, Norman Rockwell and Haddon Sundblom have all created works using the soft drink as a basis for some of their pieces.

This particular 1969 Charger is a full-on custom automobile that has been modified into a brilliant piece of pop-culture artwork. For example the cars built-in trunk cooler was designed to hold over 300 ice cold Coke bottles. The wheels are 5-spoke Coke bottle one-offs, with the painted hood mural designed and then hand painted by Stanley himself.

Coke Bottle Charger

The other thing to consider is that this Charger is a fully restored and functioning car that can be taken out and driven. The car comes equipped with a nicely done 440 V8, air conditioning, SSBC disk brakes and fully customized red interior that will make people stop and stare. Granted this baby may not be for everyone, but for those of you out there looking for a beautifully done, very unique Dodge Charger, well then, this may just be your ticket.

Source: Ebay.com

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