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Amateur Rally Carnage From Finland

Posted in Crashes, General, Off-Roading, Racing, Rally, Videos by Kurt Ernst | August 10th, 2010 | 4 Responses |

Let’s face it: amateur rally drivers are slightly insane. Crash a car on a race track, and you’ve got corner workers (with fire extinguishers) by your side within a minute. If you need it, an ambulance is just another minute or two away. If you race in an amateur rally series, there generally aren’t any corner workers and no one even starts looking for you unless you miss a checkpoint or two. All you generally have to keep you safe are your talents behind the wheel, your pace notes and your co-driver’s instructions.

So what if you raced in a series that didn’t allow pace notes or even pre-running the course? Then, all you’d have is you’re ability to control a race car and the guy in the seat next to you shouting commands, which is fine if you stay within the boundaries of physics. Try to re-write the laws of physics and bad things happen, as these amateur racers in Finland learned the hard way. The Finnish F-Cup Rally Series doesn’t allow pace notes, and drivers get their first look at the course as they’re driving it. This provides great amusement for spectators, who tend to flock on the inside of a decreasing radius, rain slicked gravel corner to watch the carnage.

And carnage abounds, as car after car is launched off the road and into the ditch, the forest or a local farmer’s field. I give these guys an “A” for both enthusiasm and effort, but I’m going with a D- for common sense. That Will Buff Out found this video, which was too good not to pass along.

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4 Responses

  1. shahroz says:

    half of them had their front wheels locked up….. def not a good thing going into a turn with gravel lol

    i really wanna see someone take the turn properly !!

  2. Kurt says:

    Shahroz, most of the cars were in a four wheel drift; I suspect that drivers set up for the corner by kicking the back end out (Scandanavian flick, perhaps?), then realized too late that the corner tightened up.

    The hardest thing to learn about any kind of racing is “slow in, fast out” is the only way to take corners.

  3. rolfen says:

    Not only do you not get corner workers with fire extinguishers, but spectators actually sit there and cheer at you while you are flying off.