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7 Alternatives To Owning A Car

Posted in Alt Fuels, Cars, Electric Cars by David | May 12th, 2008 | 4 Responses |

There is a large segment of the population who is reconsidering car ownership as a whole, or cutting down on the number of cars that they own as a household. Here are 7 alternatives to consider either to eliminate car ownership, or to cut the number of cars in your household down to one.

1. The ZipCar

The ZipCar is available in many urban centers and highly populated cities throughout the United States and is a viable option to owning a car full time. You basically time-share cars that are strategically placed around the urban center.

2 Scooters

There are many great scooter companies. Do a search for electric scooters to find some great electric scooters that can get you to work in good weather and yet be affordable alternatives to owning a vehicle full time.

3. Electric Bicycle

I’ve always been a fan of electric bicycles mostly because I hate pedaling uphill. Optibike is one company that is a great example of an ideal electric bike for me. Owning it you’d never have to buy gas again. Imagine being able to save 20k dollars a year by not having to buy gas for you and your family.

4. Car Pooling

Car Pooling is a long tradition of sharing rides. Luckily in today’s world we have a lot of advantages like using the internet to connect with people who live in our neighbors and work in similar locations. One great example of a car pooling community is eRideShare. It’s a great alternative to owning a car. Or it can be used as an augment as well.

5. Public Transportation

I’ve used public transportation my whole life. It’s by far my favorite way travel. More and more really cool websites are taking form. Like HopStop that help you navigate your local public transportation system.

6. Hoofing It

Walking can improve your health,save you money, and increase your energy levels for work. The money you save not buying gas, cutting down on your health bills you can spend on longer vacations in nice places around the globe.

7. Work At Home

One alternative to owning a car, is to cut out the main reason we drive in the first place. Almost all of us drive to work day in a day out. If you cut out the reason to drive, like having a ‘real job’ and start working at home then you quit buying gas and never have to pay for a car, insurance for the car, or upkeep expenses. There are various forums that can help you find jobs you can do from the comfort of your home.

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4 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    The electric bike you feature is not really very practical if you don’t own a vehicle for running errands etc.- it’s more like a sports car than a station wagon. Consider instead an Xtracyle or Surly Big Dummy with a Stokemonkey attached.


  2. Michael says:

    Any cyclist ought to know that his feet go on the “pedals” and that on a climb he is “pedaling uphill”. If he were “peddling uphill” he’d have a wagon of some sort to carry his saleable goods.

  3. Ryan says:

    Does anyone seriously spend $20k per year on gas?

    Also, here’s a recommendation for those who don’t think they can live without a car because of grocery shopping: there are many people looking for service oriented work. Pay someone to go grocery shopping for you.

  4. Ryan says:

    BTW, you included the electric bicycle. Why not the old-fashioned bicycle.

    Another option -> the motorcycle. Very fuel efficient compared to a car.