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Ethanol is fast gaining as a biofuel alternative to gasoline due to the ridiculously high and never ceasing to stop rising prices of gas. Some problems with ethanol however is that because of high demand for crops such as corn and other grains it causes rising food costs which result in starvation around the globe just to provide alternative power to automobiles in 1st world countries while 3rd world countries have to face the rising cost of necessities.

About Ethanol:
Ethanol fuel is ethanol aka ethyl alcohol, the same type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages. It can be used as a fuel, mainly as a biofuel alternative to gasoline, and is widely used in cars in Brazil. Because it is easy to manufacture and process, and can be made from very common crops, such as sugar cane and corn, it is an increasingly common alternative to gasoline in some parts of the world.

Cars utilizing a 85/15 combo are known as e85s. Quite a few companies now offer flex fuel vehicles.

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