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All too Subaru

Posted in Cars, General by will bee | June 1st, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

As the 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX reaches the showroom this summer the excitement of the sporty, all-wheel drive sedan (Subaru prefers we not refer to the car as a wagon anymore) continues to be subdued. From the onset in 2001 the WRX brand brought to market a mixture of a functioning wagon with sport-tuned acceleration and athletic handling. The 2008 version of the WRX does nothing but improve upon those intentions and that performance, yet still fails to improve upon the one overshadowing deficiency that has plagued the WRX line all these years: It is still a Subaru.

Subaru Impreza WRX

Innovative or expressive styling has never been a trademark of the Subaru brand. They seem to have a notion of what their cars are and what they want them to be and that is what they stick to. But even with the groundwork of the Impreza residing beneath it the WRX could still do more to provide an aggressive or exciting facade to match the exilirating 244 hp engine that beats within. With zero to 60 times around 5.3 seconds, the impressive performance of this sleeper sedan may continue to go unnoticed by many still as it parks rather indistinguishably among its Impreza brethren.

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