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All new BMW 4-bangers to be turbocharged.

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2012 BMW 3-series
*Photo Credit: bmwblog

It’s no secret that in this day and age auto manufacturers are trying to be as efficient as possible. Mileage and emission standards are climbing every year and in order to meet them we’re beginning to see a resurgence of smaller displacement engines that are utilizing turbocharging as way to maximize efficiency and performance. BMW is no stranger to turbocharging and as of late we’ve been seeing more of it in models like the 335i and twin-turbo V8 powered X6. Now it seems that BMW is going to go one step further by turbocharging their next generation 4-cylinder as well. Autocar is reporting they’ll now be putting turbos on all of their 4-cylinder models. Cars equipped with the new 2.0-liter mill will be fitted with either a double-sided ‘twin scroll’ turbocharger making 241 hp, or a lower powered unit that utilizes a traditional single turbo. Right now there is no set release date for the new engines, but rumor has it that they’ll be debuting in the next generation 3-series.

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