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Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta Concept

Posted in Alfa Romeo, Concept Cars, General, Geneva Motor Show by Kurt Ernst | March 2nd, 2010 | 2 Responses |
Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta Concept

Twetta what?

Another sexy Geneva concept car was unveiled yesterday, this time from Alfa Romeo. Dubbed the “2uettottanta” (two-etto-tanta, say it with me), the name is an homage to the storied Alfa Romeo Duetto, one of the all time classic roadsters. More pics after the jump.

Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta Concept

Tututattana? I don't care, it looks good from any angle.

No word on power from the turbocharged 1.75 liter motor, but the layout appears to be front engine, rear drive. Dimensionally, it’s a little bit bigger than the pictures make it look. Compared to a current generation Mazda Miata, the 2uettottanta is about 8 inches longer and 3 inches wider, with a slightly longer wheelbase.

Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta Concept

Twittytinto? It just looks Italian, and that's a good thing.

Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta Concept

With lines like that, you could call it the Snuffleuphagus and I'd still buy it.

Now that we’re likely to see Alfa in the US again, I say build it but keep it simple. We really don’t need the weight or complexity of a power retractable hard top; a simple cloth top will do just fine, thanks. Build a base model with a six speed manual and cloth interior and price it below $25k. Make a premium model with a leather interior and more farkles (heated seats, Bluetooth,etc.) and price it just below $30k. I suspect there are enough of us gear heads with a soft spot for Alfa Romeos that you’d sell them by the boatload.

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2 Responses

  1. Blix says:

    yes please.

  2. Mike says:

    I’d consider trading my Spider in on that one.