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Airborne Tractor is Pure AWESOME!

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Semi Tractor Jump

Birds, airplanes and the occasional man shot from a cannon… these are things that were meant to fly. Full-blown semi-tractors though… not so much. Thankfully though us Ridelust guys live in America, a country where man is free to jump anything on wheels off a ramp as long as there is a county fair around. I’ve seen folks jump buses, bar stools and even a porta-potti once, but this semi jump takes the cake. What you are about to see is a truck known as the CRUSHER as it attempts to set a record for the longest tractor jump in history. Is it pretty? No. Is it graceful? Hell no. Is it awesome to watch? Oh f*ck yeah!!! So click through and prepare for 25 tons of high-flying action.

Source: Youtube.com

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