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Buford T. Justice: Greatest Fictional Lawman Ever!

Posted in Domestic Rides, Funny, Funny Videos, General, Pontiac, Rides, Videos by MrAngry | May 25th, 2012 | 1 Response |

Buford T. Justice

He’s big, gruff and the creator of some of the best one-liners in all of movie history. He’s Sheriff Buford T. Justice and in 1977 he rolled on to movie screens across the country in a two hour Trans Am commercial known as “Smokey and the Bandit”. If you’re a car guy and you’ve never seen this flick then you should be ashamed of yourself. Hell, in my opinion it should’ve won an Oscar! Now click through and watch the video you sumbitch!

“There is no way, no way, that you could come from my loins. Soon as I get home, the first thing I’m gonna do is punch your momma in the mouth.” - Buford T. Justice

Source: Youtube.com

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One Response

  1. Ben T. says:

    Bummer… video was blocked.