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Affordable Family Mover: 2009 Suzuki XL7

Posted in SUV, Suzuki by Geoff | November 1st, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

Suzuki XL7

Depending on who you ask, the Suzuki XL7 is either a big compact SUV or a Midsize Crossover.  Whatever you want to call it (SUV, Crossover, Glorified Van) the XL7 is capable of moving 7 people, has a 4 star crash rating and America’s best warranty.  So why is it also one of the worst-selling vehicles in America?

Suzuki XL7 Interior
Suzuki XL7 Interior

Perhaps it’s the styling, which could be generously referred to as unremarkable. Some criticism of the XL7 involves the vehicle’s relatively poor fuel economy of 16 and 22 mpg in city and highway driving.  Other complaints revolve in one way or another around the usual “cheapness” that dogs all inexpensive vehicles; whether in the form of low quality materials or a general lacking of refinement.  Compared to other compact or midsize SUV’s the XL7 is both noisier and cheap looking, especially in the interior.  While sufficiently powerful, the main noise culprit for the front or all-wheel drive XL7 is the 3.6 liter DOHC V6 engine and it’s 252 horses that seem to barely be enough to get the XL7 up to speed.  The good news is Suzuki includes a 100,000 mile/seven-year 100,000-miles/seven-year, fully transferable, zero-deductible powertrain limited warranty that should alleve any fears of the engine’s durability.  However, despite these complaints, many are quick to remind potential buyers that while the triple-row XLS may be a little rough around the edges, it costs thousands less and offers a great deal of functional capab

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