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Adverts on Police Cars

Posted in Cars, General by davidallen | July 3rd, 2007 | 6 Responses |

The Police dept of Toledo have been actively seeking out companies to sponsor their cruisers, in effect this is an advert on a police car, is this right?

The Police Chief Mike Navarre has been sending out flyers to local businesses in the Toledo area asking for then to donate cash, around a thousand letters were sent out under the “Patrol Vehicle Sponsorship Program” and surprisingly enough the response yielded four businesses who have donated the $15,000 to see their ad on the side of a police car.

police car

The sponsor will see their adds, which are three feet by one foot, placed at the rear corner, normally where the 911 appears, clearly the people that own 911 did not pay their sponsorship money.

police car

There are other departments that have embraced this idea of sponsorship, like firs departments etc, but could there ever be the possibility of a conflict of interest, if we are talking about small towns, where local businesses or business people sponsor these cars, it is very tricky for all parties involved in this sort of cooperation, clearly the police need cars to patrol in, and granted the fleet of the Toledo Police Department is getting on a bit, so the money has to come from somewhere.

This is one of those stories that will run for a long time, especially as more and more of these programs start up, the problem is, will it stop there or will we see more adverts, larger adverts even on police vehicles.

What do you think about it?

Source [Toledo Blade]

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6 Responses

  1. Dee says:

    Umm, adverts on police cars?? I guess donations is always good, even if it’s just to see your advertisement on the car. Frankly, I wouldn’t even look at a cop car long enough to notice the adverts. I usually avoid them as much as I possible. Any larger adverts than in the pictures, is going overboard. The cop cars will eventually look like NASCAR if they keep this up.. NASCAR looking car behind me with blinking lights?? I wouldn’t stop for it.

  2. will bee says:

    If they are going to accept advertisers maybe they should focus on the right market segment for such advertisers. I envision attorneys taking up advertising on the hoods of police cars with a quarter dispenser on top. That way when a perp is captured and spread-out over the hood while being cuffed he will know who to call.

  3. Ryan says:

    I think this is bullshit. Let’s assume the local Rotary club sponsors a cop car. Are we supposed to believe that the local Rotary club members aren’t going to get preferential treatment?

    The police force should be blind to the enforcement of law, and advertisements like this force them to see through rose-colored glasses.

  4. xx says:

    It will be interesting to be beaten up by a policeman dressed in a MC Donalds clown costume.

    “Well…it all started by cars…but then…we needed some new uniforms and…”


  5. Andrew says:

    Ugh this is disgusting. I can’t believe they’ve even considered this as an option. This can bring into question the police force’s objectivity when dealing with an incident involving one of their sponsors. Society sure is going down the toilet.

  6. Ha, this reminds me of Reno 911 where Hooters (the non-trademarked equivalent) sponsored the police and turned their cruisers pink with stickers all over it.