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Admit It – You’ve Thought Of Trying This

Posted in Car Buying, Funny Videos, trends by Kurt Ernst | May 20th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

The commercial below makes a simple point: Audi is pirating customers away from BMW, Mercedes and Lexus. It does so in a brilliant and entertaining manner, depicting a BMW driver who literally “jumps ship” to Audi. Watch the video below and tell me that you’ve never pondered the same thing on a road trip, usually with someone else driving. I’m not sure I’d go out the sunroof myself, since the window seems like a much safer bet. Watch the video below, but I definitely don’t recommend you try this stunt yourself.

Despite yesterday’s post on new car sales being slow to return to pre-crash levels, Audi is having a banner year, with sales up some 15.6 percent compared to 2010. Audi’s sales from January through March set a company record for first quarter performance, so it’s clear that not all Americans are struggling to come to grips with a sluggish economy.

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