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Adam Raga Turns Down The Volume

Posted in Cool Stuff, Motorcycle Rides, Videos by Kurt Ernst | May 7th, 2011 | 1 Response |

Image: Red Bull

Adam Raga is a four time world trial bike champion, which means he earns a lot of money putting motorcycles into places that motorcycles shouldn’t be able to go. Climbing a picnic table is a good example, as is boulder hopping. If you’ve never seen a good trials rider give his bike a workout, it’s something to behold. Unfortunately, there’s more style than substance behind this video, filmed by Red Bull to celebrate International Noise Awareness Day. You don’t get to see Raga at his best (at least not very often), but the amazing Spanish scenery makes up for it. While motorcycles are usually as much about sounding good as they are looking good, I’ve yet to hear a trails bike with a cool exhaust note. If electric trials competition is the wave of the future, I’m good with that.

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